New Song Release - Blue on Grass - Inspired by WC Native’s Rural Kentucky Lifestyle

Rachel Harvey Hill
-- When it comes to knowing what it’s like to miss a hometown and to appreciate the rural Kentucky lifestyle, Rachel Harvey Hill has gained a lot of experience. Now living in Seoul, South Korea, far from her Wheatcroft, Kentucky, roots, Rachel allows a longing for home to inspire her words for songs.

Inspired by music as a child
Rachel has had an interest in music for as long as she can remember. She says her childhood was filled with people and experiences that allowed her to develop her natural talent and skills. Her mother was the first to leave an impression, always singing to her. Rachel loved listening to her, as well as her two sisters. The three women sang together as a trio.

Ms. Joyce Price also played a big role in Rachel’s love of music. Ms. Price instructed Rachel in music, both at Clay Elementary School and at Clay First Baptist Church, where she gave Rachel piano and voice lessons.

Rachel and her mother weren’t the only family members with musical talent either. Her brother, Tim Harvey, began playing music by ear at age six. Today, Tim is an amazing gifted musician, singer, writer and recording engineer and makes the demos of the songs she writes. He is also an associate pastor/church worship leader in Cunningham, Kentucky. Rachel says Tim has taught her a lot about music.

Singing, songwriting and traveling

During high school and college, Rachel sang with and wrote some of the songs recorded in Nashville for a group called Crossroads, a Southern Gospel quartet. She says it was in this timeframe that she combined her love for music and poetry to form songs.

Rachel and her husband, Ryan, who is in the Air Force, have lived in places that include North Carolina, Arizona, and Kansas along with their current location in Seoul.

I asked Rachel how living in different places has affected her songwriting. She responded -

“I’ve met amazing musicians in each place we have lived that have challenged me and helped me develop as a musician and writer.”

Songs born out of losses

In 2005, Rachel lost her son Raphael in death, then in 2010, she lost another son, Rhett. Both sons died due to a rare genetic condition known as Zellweger syndrome. Rachel shared with me about the experiences.

“During my time of grief songwriting was my gateway to cry out to God with my hurts, questions, fears, and anger. As I would write, it seemed he met me there and answered my cries. I put some of the songs I wrote after Raphael passed away into an album called, ‘The Rafi Album.’

I hoped that it would bring comfort to grieving parents. I can’t even begin to explain the peace I found listening to myself sing about my own grief when my son, Rhett later died. Maybe sometimes being able to write songs is God’s way of communicating with me, comforting me and showing me love.”

Moving forward with expectation

Rachel now has a daughter. Having written around 200 songs, her future goals, in addition to being a wife and mother, are to continue writing songs. She says, “I’m going to write no matter what. Songs just come out of me.” Her hopes are to see some of her songs recorded by a major artist. She’d also like to see them used in films or television.

To keep up with Rachel's songwriting and hear more of her music see and Rachel Harvey Hill on Facebook. Her new song, below for your viewing via YouTube, is set to be available on iTunes and other digital media in this upcoming week of April 1-6, 2013.