Have you read The Journal Enterprise lately? You really should.

Beginning with the expanded news coverage and on through the community/county culture pictures that are worth at least a thousand words, down to the poignant life reminders in The JE's news editor Matt Hughes Staff Stuff column, this small town-America newspaper may well be on it's way to winning a Pulitzer Prize.

This week's December 2014 Christmas edition is chock full of Christmas events from around the county, along with its colorful, creative "Wishes for the Christmas Season" advertisements that ring true the new marketing rep Todd P'Poole's marketing savvy.

A glimpse of things to come for The JE are the mentioned Relish and American Profile supplements, adding more reasons to subscribe to its paper edition and bringing back excitement of days gone by, a desire to rush out to the stands to get the first copy, hot off the press.

Readers will also find great local sports coverage with close-up action shots and a dedicated "Athlete of the Week" spotlight. Charlie Hust having more time to focus on his sports coverage talent is evidence the new ownership by The Kentucky New Era was a great move for The JE with it's foundation dating back to 1899 starting as The Dixon Journal.

My favorite highlight of the week was at the end of the Staff Stuff column. Hughes says, "My Christmas wish for all of you (and myself) is that we can slow down this holiday season! Spend some time with the people who matter most to us and don't worry about the clock."

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