Hunter Nichols Hits First Webster Home Run Since 2011 in Win Over Hopkinsville

This story is a copy of my Storify. I am adding it here to keep an account for Webster County history on the TWCKY e-zine. It is my goal to document thriller or record events for Webster County Sports, as much as possible.

I also want to show support for all Webster County sports (basketball, baseball, tennis, etc.), whenever I can learn about their happenings, since I believe that's important to the community and the players. I encourage Webster County citizens to always make every athlete's accomplishments important.

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Pitching six innings in a winning game is a great experience, but when you also have an opportunity to batter up and hit a home run like Hunter Nichols did, well that's even more awesome, especially since it's the first home run for your school team in two years.

After a brief five-day vacation to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, where he watched the St.Louis Cardinals play against Arizona, sportswriter Mike Stunson's first sports story getting back in the work groove is sure to be about a great Webster game.

Rallying to help him make it to the game, Twitter users proved that the social media platform is an awesome tool to aid others when it's needed. 

Let's pick up where Mike begins his plea for directions, then see how Hunter Nichols and the Webster Baseball team pull off a win for the records -

Correction added: Reese Mitchell should be Reese Johnson. Alex Mitchell was batting.